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Betway online bettinghank you for your interest in becoming a member of NYMaterials.  NYMaterials is a non-profit Trade Association comprised of three distinct Producer Councils representing the Aggregates, Ready Mixed Concrete and Hot Mix Asphalt industries across New York State. The purpose of the organization is to a) develop, classify and disseminate information concerning standards, specifications and any other matters of concern and interest to its members; b) encourage and aid in the production of uniformly high-quality aggregate, ready mixed concrete and hot-mix asphalt for use in the construction trades, and c) promote the expanded and proper use of aggregate, ready mixed concrete and hot-mix asphalt.

NYMaterials operates on two levels:

The first level involves matters that cut across all three industries or betway sports bettingProducer Councils where there are common interests and issues that are not product specific.  Such issues include regulations, environment, safety, proposed legislation, education and a variety of other issues affecting all three industries represented by the Association.

The second level is the Producer Council level that involves matters that are industry specific.  These include promotion, technical matters and product-specific education for members and the public.  Producer Councils are in effect divisions of NYMaterials, acting as separate Trade betway online betting websiteAssociations for the respective products represented by each Producer Council.  This structure allows for a very efficient arrangement whereby administrative costs are minimized and impact, both across the full product spectrum represented by NYMaterials and each individual product represented by each Producer Council are maximized.

There are three categories of membership:

Active (Producer) Members: Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the production of aggregates, ready mixed concrete or hot-mix asphalt and doing business in the State of New York.  Membership in NYMaterials includes membership in each Producer Council related to each product produced by the member.

Associate Members: Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture or sale of machinery, raw materials, supplies and other services or anyone directly interested in the concrete, asphalt or aggregate industries but who does not produce ready mixed concrete, hot-mix asphalt or aggregates.

Affiliate Members: any person, firm or corporation engaged in the production of minerals other than construction aggregate and doing business in the State of New York.